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Leadership Lessons from the Election

As the election craze passes us by and we anticipate a massive transition within the walls our agencies, it’s nice to pause and reflect on what leadership lessons we can take from our new president elect and his campaign. Check out this blog from Scott Eblin, author and Executive coach, on Obama’s leadership:


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Adriel Hampton

Good stuff. What really allowed this to happen is the strategy combined with the tools to quickly reach and move a mass audience. The tools of Web 2.0 and modern technology will revolutionize politics and business almost as radically as the shift from radio to TV. It was to Sen. McCain what the TV was to Nixon as well. It will be cool to have a president who can energize an activist base on issues like health care reform and energy policies (the two areas that top my list!). Look what happened with the bailout and messages FLOODING Congress to the point of servers going down – the people are ready to work. Also amazing is the peaceful transition – what a great democracy we have!