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The USAID IMPACTblog covers topics relating to USAID’s role in providing assistance to countries suffering from the after-effects of disaster, struggling with poverty, or striving towards democratic reforms. Here’s some basic information about the blog:

USAID finds itself at a unique moment of opportunity. A powerful consensus has formed at the highest levels of the US government that development is vital to the shared interests of an interconnected world. The scale and complexity of the challenges we face are daunting—a billion people live in hunger and the threats posed by climate change are growing–but the tools, resources and capacity to solve these big problems have never been greater. Our success lies in the hands of the talented, dedicated men and women who serve at USAID. Their stories of success, failure, and mid-course corrections to help the world’s poor will be the focus of IMPACTblog. (About This Blog, USAID IMPACTblog)

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