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Thanks to Valerie Allen, MSLIS, Sr. Technical Information Specialist, U.S. DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), for this guest post on the Government Info Pro on Science.gov and the new Sciencegov Twitter feed.

Here’s an excerpt:

Headlines from 11 of the federal agencies participating in Science.gov can now be followed on Twitter @Sciencegov. In addition, news about additions and changes to the Science.gov website will be announced via the Twitter feed.

Science.gov is a collaborative effort between 18 separate organizations within 14 federal agencies. These organizations came together with the intent of making government science information available in one location. Now in its 9th year, Science.gov provides a search of over 42 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information with just one query, and is a gateway to over 2000 scientific websites.

Some of the features on Science.gov include…


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