Government Can Learn From Corporate (#ragancoke)

I’m currently at the Ragan Communications Social Media for Communicators conference in Atlanta, GA. So far the presentations are great from Ford, Mark Ragan, CDC, Shel Holtz, Coca-Cola SVP and more. There’s a lot from the commercial world that government can learn from the experiences and trials that private industry has already gone through. There are some things that may be harder to accomplish with the difference policies that government has to deal with over private industry but they CAN be done with a little extra leg work.

So if you’re interested in learning what we’re learning right now, you can follow hashtag #ragancoke on Twitter.

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Steve Lunceford

Also note that #gov20 was also teaching to corporate here at #ragancoke, including the CDC talking about how they used social channels to help manage H1N1 and how the Army Reserve manages its presence on social networks.