Government Executive Article About Good Government Groups

The Center is mentioned in an article in Government Executive by Alyssa Rosenberg about good government groups banding together to make government better.

She writes, “despite their varied agendas, think tanks, nonprofits and associations are banding together under one overarching theme – to make government better.

Like any Cabinet chief or agency leader, they are consulted when government wants to make a change, offering decades of collective knowledge and expertise. But when the nation is reeling from management disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or the financial crisis, or when antiquated federal pay and management systems are ripe for revision, they become SWAT teams, parachuting in to help meet urgent needs. They are good government organizations that serve as strike teams for federal agencies on important issues, providing recommendations, research and even training. Though these nonprofits, think tanks and professional associations tout a range of projects and priorities, the community of good government groups is experiencing a period of unprecedented cooperation.”

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