Government Health Administration Careers

Many students I talk to do not realize the huge opportunity they have with respect to government health administration careers. In fact, the Veterans Health Administration has an annual budget of $46 billion and nearly 300,000 employees. Obviously a huge portion of the government. Nevertheless, the Veterans Health Administration provides assistance through administration and management of many different VA facilities such as hospitals and clinics. There are opportunities in these facilities for students pursuing a Masters in Health Administration Degree.

Students in health administration or those interested in health administration often wonder what opportunity to pursue once they have finished school. Although health care as a whole is a massive industry, the VA system does provide ample opportunities for students interested in a very rewarding experience. Most students ignore these opportunities because some do require moving to another area and others are unsure of whether they can commit. Have no worries though as this option does provide flexibility and will allow you options to move to a number of different places.

For example, currently the VA health system offers new graduates fellowship opportunities. Most students in healthcare administration programs are well aware of fellowships as they often apply to many different fellowships. Nevertheless, the organization that actually offers the most is the VA health system. These positions allow you to take an active role in the given system and gain leadership positions. In addition, these positions normally offer an excellent opportunity to advance in these jobs.

Currently, these fellowship positions pay between $50k and $70k per year. In addition, there are facilities throughout the United States. For example, there are facilities in Miami, New York, Chicago, and in rural areas such as South Dakota. These hospital systems are not the only opportunities because interested students will have the option to work in clinics and long term care facilities as well.

What can you do now? If you are currently working in government or just starting your education career, you can start planning on pursuing further education or beginning your education in health administration. Once you have begun this area of study, you should look into opportunities near your school. Once you have finished, go to the government jobs website and look for fellowships within the VA.


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