The Government’s “New IQ”


Point:  Ever since the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) launched the diversity and inclusion campaign, government agencies have been working diligently to ensure their leaders understand inclusive intelligence.  So what is the “New IQ”?

Advice: Remember the old sayings, “there’s no ‘I’  in TEAM, or “two heads are better than one”. Government agencies are now moving toward valuing group smarts over individual smarts. The IQ or inclusion quotient analyzes five F.O.C.S.E. habits. These habits are expected to increase group intelligence making all individuals feel valued and belong.  Consider the following leadership habits:

  1. Fair– Fair leadership encourages healthy competition and ethical processes. Fair leaders do not show bias or have favoritism for one individual over another. Fair leaders view all parts of a team as equal contributors.
  2. Open– Open leadership safeguards trustworthiness and integrity. Open leaders build new relationships and accept individual and cultural differences. Open leaders demonstrate humility and trust.
  3. Cooperative– Cooperative leadership views cohorts as equals with a similar goal to accomplish. Cooperative leaders are not afraid to roll-up their sleeves and work alongside the team and do not place themselves on a pedestal.
  4. Supportive-Supportive leadership guarantees accountability and productivity through empowerment and trust. Supportive leaders never feel the need to micromanage. Supportive leaders delegate responsibility, provide tools and resources, and use emotional intelligence when overcoming setbacks and resolving group conflict.
  5. Empower- Leaders that empower their staff create a sense of ownership among the group. Individuals feel confident about how each person adds value to the team and become more productive in their role.

Challenge: What does F.O.C.S.E (fair, open, cooperative, supportive, empower) mean to you? Take time this week to grade your IQ, by measuring how often you display the leadership behaviors above.

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