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perspective view of jet airliner in flight with bokeh background

Leaders Teaching Leaders: Leadership Development in the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization

Sean Corbett, Program Manager at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), gave an excellent presentation on the FAA’s Leaders Teaching Leaders (LTL) Program at the Training Officer’s Consortium’s Annual Executive Institute in Ocean City, MD this week. Sean shared his experience in standing up and launching an LTL Program at FAA and highlighted the elements that… Read more »


How the Sharing of “Knowledge Power” Will Tackle Your Agency’s Problems

Without leadership’s proactive, strategic support and guidance, any tech investment into knowledge-sharing will amount to very little. Fortunately, this needed support is taking hold here within the corridors of the Nation’s Capital.


Cyberthreats and More: A Conversation with FBI CISO Arlette Hart

Arlette Hart is the chief information security officer (CISO) at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As CISO of the FBI, she has a unique perspective. On the one hand, she is tasked with securing vast amounts of highly sensitive information. On the other, she has the inside track on the emerging cyber-threats, and some of… Read more »