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Driving Government Innovation Through Chance Encounters

What do Bell Labs, Apple, the State of Rhode Island and Wake County, North Carolina have in common? They all created environments that facilitate interdisciplinary connections to drive new ideas, based on the understanding that innovation is most likely to happen through collaboration as opposed to the lone inventor working in isolation.

Workplace Safety for Lone Workers

We, as representatives of government entities owe –  to ourselves and our customers – an environment with hazards mitigated to the best of our abilities. Enhanced security and safety measures not only encourage a healthy morale among employees but also promote the image of government as responsible and accountable community partners.

This Year Resolve to Shift an Assumption

It is that time of the year when, with grand intentions, many of us resolve to do something new or different in the coming year. If you want to improve performance or relationships at work I have a simple experiment for you to try – shift an assumption. Shifting an assumption is a critical factor... Read more »