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5 Steps to Be a Stellar Team Player

Teamwork and building effective partnerships are par for the course in almost every work environment. As we are continuously challenged to do more with less learning how to effectively manage our partnerships and be a stellar team player are essential to our success. How do we make the most of every partnership to ensure success… Read more »

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Why Are You Waiting? 5 Steps to Start Leadership Development Today

The majority of the leadership development opportunities available today focus on senior level career (GS14, 15 and Senior Executive Service) employees. Limited opportunities are available for new supervisors or mid-level employees. However, doesn’t it seem like a bit of an oxymoron to wait until you’re in a leadership role to start developing your leadership abilities? Recognizing… Read more »

Presidential Leadership Scholars

6 Tips to Lead Like a President

This year, I was  chosen as one of 60 Presidential Leadership Scholars and participated in the inaugural program that concluded in July. There were six sessions over six months that focused on four leadership abilities: Engaging Others Through Vision and Communication Making Decisions Working Collaboratively to Influence and Persuade Stakeholders Building Working and Strategic Partnerships… Read more »

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How To Deliver Feedback Without Sounding Like A Jerk

One of the toughest parts of being a manager is delivering constructive feedback to your employees. You have to strike a delicate balance between putting them on the defensive, and being so vague that your feedback doesn’t sink in. How do you make sure your feedback gets heard – and taken to heart? Much depends… Read more »


3 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Leadership

While a Master of Science in Leadership is a relatively new degree, in a very short time it is being perceived as a 21st century alternative to MPA degrees. MS-Leadership is a course of study that offers participants an opportunity to enhance their experience and leadership skills. Organizations recognize that using personal and creative approaches… Read more »

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DorobekINSIDER: VA deputy CIO Warren leaving

Stephen Warren, who has served as the deputy chief information officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs for more than seven years, will step down from that post later this month, GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER has learned. LaVerne Council, the new VA CIO, made the announcement in an e-mail to staff on Thursday. Warren is known for… Read more »