GovLaunch: Ten Federal Cloud Computing Breakthroughs

To keep up-to-date, cut costs, and eliminate the need for extra equipment, the U.S. Government should increase its efforts to introduce more cloud computing across agencies. I think that the sharing of resources would cut down on government spending, while also enhancing the productivity of many workers. Over at NextGov.com, this article speaks about David McClure, an administrator for an agency within GSA, and how he spoke before a House subcommittee about some of the benefits of cloud computing.

In McClure’s estimation, cloud computing represents an opportunity for the federal government “to close the IT performance gap.”

The article then stems off to a report about 10 Federal Cloud Computing Breakthroughs. I find some of the ways the government is embracing cloud computing inspiring; my personal favorite is the Department of Ag’s use of the system for its Forest Service agency.

What’s your favorite breakthrough the government is making? Does your agency currently use cloud computing? How do you think it could affect your performance on the job?

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