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Leveraging the power of the crowd – It’s not a mob mentality

Crowdsourcing is one of those words that means different things to different people. For our purposes, Daren Brabham defines it as, “Crowdsourcing it an online distributed problem solving and production model that uses the power of online communities to meet organizational needs.” Brabham is an Assistant Professor at the Annenberg School of Communication and JournalismRead… Read more »

Snap – Why Instagram Matters in Gov

A few months back we talked to IBM’s Gadi Ben-Yehuda about the business case for Pinterest in government. We discovered Pinterest offered a new way for agencies to showcase their mission. Now GSA has approved terms of service for government to Instagram. So what’s the big deal? Ben-Yehuda is the innovation and social media directorRead… Read more »

Can-Do Opportunities in Government Management

Freezes, furloughs, sequestration, budget cuts, increased scrutiny on conferences and trainings – government managers are dealing with quite a plate of challenges these days. Amongst these issues, how can government leaders inspire their teams to provide great public service? On yesterday’s DorobekINSIDER Live, Chris Dorobek discussed the climate of government management with a line-up ofRead… Read more »

Star Trek: The Next Generation [of Mobile]

Yesterday, I attended my first DorobekINSIDER LIVE! While it was a great event live, it’s equally great recorded so be sure to catch it here. After discussing the recent trends and government examples of mobility, the panels tapped into their futuristic mindsets to tell us how they foresee mobility will evolve in the next fewRead… Read more »

GovHack 2013 – my top ten picks

Last weekend (31 May – 2 June) was a big weekend for Government 2.0 in Australia, with the first truly national GovHack held across eight locations, including seven of Australia’s eight major states and territories. With over $170,000 in prizes, and around 100 national and local prizes on offer, GovHack 2013 attracted 900 participants, whoRead… Read more »

Talk to Me: Dr. Ted R. Smith on Engaging Citizens through Established Conversations

On April 17th, Chris Dorobek was joined by a panel of professionals to talk citizen engagement on this month’s DorobekINSIDER LIVE. In the conversation with Dr. Ted R. Smith Chief Innovation Officer, Louisville Metro Economic Growth & Innovation, they discussed how the issue is not starting a conversation with the public, but rather having agenciesRead… Read more »

New “Open Data Guide” Answers Whys and Hows of Growing Field

What’s with the buzz about open data these days? Why did New York City’s Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot predict that, “Open data will saves lives” in 2013? Why did Mayor Emanuel in Chicago hire a Chief Data Officer? Cloud-based, open data software provider Socrata, Inc. has just release an “Open Data Field Guide” toRead… Read more »

Are federal agencies effectively utilizing technology for disaster response and recovery?

Last week, the entire east coast was rocked by Sandy. Now, a week later, life is starting to return to normal in some neighborhoods. Many, however, especially in New York and New Jersey, still remain without power, homes and in need of help. Many key decision makers, however, are not geographically located in the areasRead… Read more »

Infographic: Local Gov2.0 – How Councils Can Use Social Media

I thought the infographic below (and associated blog post) might be of interest to Govloop subscribers. We have created the infographic below for local government. Like many organisations across other industries, local governments have started to use social media cautiously in recent years. Too often, local governments only consider social media as an outbound communicationRead… Read more »