GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Championship Week Picks

The Hokie Guru cannot overstate the importance of the Combined Federal Campaign; he addressed this effort last week. We have a lot to be thankful for during this holiday season and the Hokie Guru encourages everyone to contribute to the Combined Federal Campaign (or the charity of your choice). Everytime the Hokie Guru thinks he has it rough at work, he remembers that he is fortunate that he has a job. This is reason number one why the Hokie Guru is happy to be working in the federal government. Please remember others that are less fortunate than you. We really need to be thankful for what we have.

It’s the end of the year… the college football season went so fast… time flies when you’re having fun with the Hokie Guru, right?

It’s championship week… and we have three really great conference championship games (and one rivalry game) this week.

1.) ACC Title Game: #18 Boston College at Virginia Tech – A classic battle of the titans. In one corner, we have those Yankees from Boston College. In the other corner, you have the defending champion, Virginia Tech. Both teams are evenly matched; both have horrible offenses and awesome defenses. Virginia Tech’s offense is so bad, it’s best option is to design a play where pass protection breaks down and the quarterback runs for his life. That said, Virginia Tech survives on a defensive touchdown and a fieldgoal. Specifically, Virginia Tech cornerback, Victor “Macho” Harris, will have a big day. Theuhhhhhh uhhhh Hokies Win, Theuhhhhhh uhhhh Hokies Win (thank you, Yankee Baseball broadcaster).

2.) SEC Title Game: #1 Alabama at #2 Florida – The best game of the year (maybe the decade). And it could be the best game of the year for many more years. Sigh. Maybe the Hokie Guru should go back and get his law or doctoral degree at an SEC school. Something is telling the Hokie Guru that the Alabama Crimson Tide are feeling a bit dispespected. That said, the best player in all of college football, Percy Havin, plays for the Florida Gators (he broke the Hokie Guru’s heart when he did not go to Virginia Tech). For those of you that don’t know Harvin, he is the fastest player in all of college football and is a sure first round draft pick should he decide to enter the National Football League draft. The winner of this game will be in the national title game. Florida wins a close one because Harvin will have a big, big day.

3.) #5 USC at UCLA – UCLA is just a plain bad football team. Head coach, Pete Carroll, says that this is the best defense in the history of Trojan football. The numbers show it. UCLA, on the other hand, is ranked #110 in total offense. Something has to give here… have you ever seen triple digits on a scoreboard? That might happen on Saturday if USC thinks it has a shot to play for the national title. USC wins in a run the score up type of win.

4.) Big 12 Title Game: #19 Missouri at #4 Oklahoma – Oklahoma quarterback, Sam Bradford, might be the only Native American (Cherokee Tribe), to ever possibly win the Heisman Trophy. Bradford was also a standout basketball, hockey, and baseball player (most great athletes can play more than one sport). We’re talking about a real stud here. And he’s only a sophomore. Sam will do battle against an excellent Missouri quarterback in Chase Daniel. Oklahoma knows how to score points. If Oklahoma wins this game, they will be in the national title game against the winner of the SEC title game (lose and Texas is in). Oklahoma will win this game; it will represent the Big 12 in the national title game.

Think about this; a national title game with Oklahoma and Florida. Wow… so much money (e.g. future NFL draft picks) on one field.

That’s it, GovLoopers… during the holiday season (December 20, 2008 to January 3, 2009), the Hokie Guru will preview the six major conferences for NCAA Men’s Division I basketball, including the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big East Conference, the Big 10 Conference, the Big 12 Conference, the Southeastern Conference, and the Pacific 10 Conference.

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Matthew Stephen Worner

Yahoo… four out of four today!!! Now, about those Hokies… we have no business being in a BCS bowl game with a ranked at 103. We have clearly done more with less than any team in America. Just think if our offense was above 60?

Alvin Lee

Nice picks this week 🙂 Now let’s see what the BCS bowl picks are. Here’s a way to cause controversy – Utah vs. Boise State as the only two unbeatens vie for the national title in the least watched BCS bowl ever…

I know, I know, but no one’s going to be happy this year anyway!

Go Lions!

Matthew Stephen Worner

Boise State should have got the nod before Ohio State. No way the Big 10 deserved two BCS bids. Only the SEC and Big 12 deserved two BCS bids.