GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 9 Picks

It’s hard to believe that the college football season is more than half over. In just a few weeks, we will be having turkey and/or ham and watching college football bowl games in front of the fire place (or if you’re like GovLoop, in person at the Florida stadiums… life is good for him).

Let’s step back in history here a little bit with Badlands… Jake E. Lee on the guitar (one of Ozzie’s former shredders)…

I miss 1989 and 1990… in fact, we have a group from that era and the Bay Area that has the number four album on Billboard this week. Metallica’s Death Magnetic was number one on the Billboard Charts for a couple of weeks.

The Hokie Guru is reliving his youth as you can see.

On to our weekly selected picks!!

1.) Virginia Tech at #24 Florida State University – Virginia Tech has the 110th ranked offense in the country. Worse than Syracuse, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the Coast Guard, the National Guard, DOJ, etc. There are occasions when the Hokie Guru wishes the Virginia Tech offense would turn the ball over so that the Hokie defense could score (Hokies are #1 in turnover margin). But when you have the 110th ranked offense, you generally can’t do anything with that turnover. Florida State, on the other hand, has the coolest 78-year old in the country in head coach Bobby Bowden. Only he could get away with that straw hat and look cool. This look does not work for USC Head Coach, Pete Carroll. Florida State wins and puts the Hokies precariously close to the Truck Stop Bowl in Boise, ID (the Hokie Guru is not going to Boise).

2.) Game of the Week 1: #7 Oklahoma State University at the #1 University of Texas – Oklahoma State University head football coach, Mike Gundy, rocks… recruits don’t have to worry about his loyalty… parents can feel good about him…

On to the game at hand. If Oklahoma State can contain Texas QB, Colt McCoy, they have a real shot to pull off an upset. This upset will not happen; Texas wins. Something tells the Hokie Guru that this season will be like the 1960’s; teams like Texas, Penn State, and Alabama are coming back to prominence.

3.) Game of the Week 2: #3 Penn State University at #10 The Ohio State University – Prime time matchup on ABC at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 6 PM MST, 5 PM PST, 1 AM in London, and 8 AM in Singapore (one of the Hokie Guru’s favorite cities). Can Penn State win when it counts? This is their only test left. Win this one, Nittany Lions, and you can be assured of a slot on the Bowl Championship Series National Championship game. The Hokie Guru thinks that Penn State has not seen a rushing attack as powerful as the Buckeyes, nor have they seen a player quite like stud QB, Terrelle Pryor. Ohio State wins a close game that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

That’s it!! Have a geat Saturday!!

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Matthew Stephen Worner

Penn State played well… if they win out, they should be in the national title game, Alvin. My Hokes, on the other hand, have the 7th worst offense in the country. That means our offense is ranked #113, Alvin. We have not had a WR score a touchdown this year. That is pathetic. LOL

Alvin Lee

Not sure what’s up with the Hokes this year. I thought they looked like they could be strong this year, especially with their streak after the East Carolina game.

Just beat the Terps, okay? Miami too, if you wouldn’t mind 🙂

Matthew Stephen Worner

The funny thing is… we control our own destiny… if we beat Maryland, Miami, Duke, and Virginia, we will be in the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship game (we own tie-breakers with Georgia Tech and University of North Carolina)… I really think we can win all four games… UMD is like Jeckyl and Hyde… Miami has no offense… and both Duke and Virginia come to our house.