NIfty Flashcard Software

I just tried out BYKI – Before You Know It. it’s a free foreign-language flashcard vocab builder, they have versions for Mac and PC, and you can write non-English accent markings and other scripts without having to change settings on your computer.

They have a long list of languages, and the program lets you practice listening, reading, and writing. You can practice speaking too, but that’s honor system. And when you finish a level, they play a lovely soothing musical chord. the downside is that if you don’t type it in EXACTLY as they expect (hey, it is just a computer) then a frowny face appears and a sort of tu-tut minor chord is played. so learn your dammas and tanwins, or your accents circonflex, kids, and always remember to capitalate and punctuize properly.

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Profile Photo Steve Ressler

Pretty cool. My agency has a pretty cool deal where we get Rosetta Stone for free. Been meaning to use it but I have been working on other things (like this site 🙂 lately after work.