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GovUp Tampa

The food and beer at last night’s Tampa GovUp (a casual meetup for GovLoop members in the area) was really, really good 🙂
If that doesn’t convince you to check out a GovUp coming to your town, here’s what else rocked:
  1. Getting to meet and network with other GovLoop members face-to-face.
  2. Hearing two great speakers talk about how they make government more awesome.
  3. Getting GovLoop swag and telling Ressler your suggestions for GovLoop

Steve McFarland (Customer Service Director, GSA) gave us the scoop on what it’s like to be the “nation’s landlord” for over a million federal workers while making it easier for federal agencies to acquire bids and services

Jordan Raynor (@JordanRaynor) brought us up to speed on some cool projects he’s working on, including helping Google map all of our nations polling places for election day and collaborating with Foursquare to get an “I Voted” badge.

If you missed this GovUp, check out the video of Jordan above. For a list of upcoming GovUps, click here.

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