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Head in the Cloud? So are Some States…almost!

The Sacramento GovUp last week was no different than all the other GovUp‘s GovLoop has hosted; full of great ideas, an eager movement forward and an opportunity to network with people at all levels of government. Scott Gregory, California’s newest Geographic Information Officer, brought many great ideas to the table that are both aggressive andRead… Read more »

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Remember last year when GovLoop went to twelve different cities to visit GovLooper’s from coast-to-coast in a superb GovUp way? Well, weee’rrree baaaack!! Not quite as aggressively, but don’t worry – you’ll have your chance to get us to your city before the end of next year…I promise! For now, here is the line up:Read… Read more »

GovUp Boston Round Up – If You Got A Problem Yo I’ll Solve It

First off let me say that Boston was definitely a great city to end our GovUps tour in. All the cities rocked but Boston definitely brought the energy! We had tons of different people repping different places from all levels: federal (GSA people in Boston were a blast), State of Mass, YGL Boston and more.Read… Read more »