Space logistics and replenishment of diminishing nonrenewables

“. . . nor can we consume the world’s resources without regard to effect. For the world has changed, and we must change with it.” (President Barack Obama President, The United States of America, Inaugural
Address, January. 20, 2009)


Space and Nonrenewable Resources:yes””> One
of my post-retirement writing experiments in the late 70’s was a novel that
speculated on human civilizations about 2,000 or so years into the future.
Humankind populates the Solar System as far as technology can support. The
Solar System’s remaining reserves of accessible nonrenewable industrial-base
resources are at the brink of exhaustion.

Will solar civilizations huddle and fade into extinction or will
they strive on toward a ‘beyond.’ Might the raving ‘nay sayers’ of a distant
future weave new versions of ‘What we already have will last us forever?”

At what point does an empire or a civilization’s existence and
evolution take into account, and extend support to Nature’s gift of an instinct
for survival. Consider the destiny
of the


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I’m for the cultures and the civilizations that choose the
‘beyond’ option when ready to make the leap.

I’ve updated my freely downloadable future history blogs a few
times over the years. The current version is in two blogs:

One, Context, ‘Spacefaring and Resources, a future history’ is

Two: A Novel) The Interstellar Slingshot Revisited’ at:

I am especially interested in the comments of ‘space logisticians’ and youth from
adolescents to young adults.

Mike Moldeven

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