Granicus Releases iLegislate to Help Elected Officials Stay Cost-Effective on the iPad

Using iPads in government meetings is not a new idea, however, it’s one that many agencies are grappling with. How do you justify this purchase? How can they be used to actually promote productivity while saving tax payer dollars?

Granicus wanted to develop an app to reduce governments dependency on paper in the legislative process while creating real functional value for elected officials. Some of our customers, like Williamsburg, VA, Dekalb County, GA, and Costa Mesa CA, are either considering this issue or have already decided to adopt the iPad as a long-term sustainability tool within the public meetings because they can prove an ROI.

We’re pleased to announce our new iLegislate app for the iPad. All of the agencies mentioned above have started to using it to help them cut costs while adding agenda productivity tools to the meeting process.

Learn more about Granicus iLegislate and register for our pilot group:

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