Granicus Releases New Video Player to Help Government Connect with Citizens

Over Thanksgiving, as you think about what you’re thankful for, if your job and the people you serve is one of them, it may be a good time to brainstorm ways your agency can forge deeper connections with citizens through video.

In our most recent blog post, we discuss a new video player that we just rolled-out to all our customers. It gives government better tools to deliver their message across the web. It also helps citizens digest and share these messages on their own websites and blogs. The best part is that citizens know they are getting information directly from the source, which builds trust.

Check it out!

New Video Player Released

Granicus just released a new version of our Digital Media Player. It gives governments and citizens enhanced tools to watch, clip, and share portions of video across the web like never before. Research shows that when comparing text and video posts on social networks video receives 27% more engagement than text posts. The new player enables our clients to become a bigger part of this video revolution while ensuring they have maximum control over how their videos are published and experienced by citizens. This can result in increased traffic to government websites and increased confidence from citizens who know they are getting content directly from the source.

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