Green City Streets – Web 2.0 for Sustainable Transport

Just started a blog called Green City Streets (http://greencitystreets.blogspot.com/). The blog’s purpose is to explore the application of Web 2.0 techniques to create more sustainable transportation systems. It’s a topic I have been interested in for many years; here are a few of my papers on the subject:
The blog is being launched as part of Bus Meister. Bus Meister is a prototype for the Green City Streets project. It combines a game (to attract and teach), a social network (to encourage political action) and a best practices wiki (for those who want to learn more). If Bus Meister is successful we will create similar programs for other modes of transport under the same Green City Streets website.

Here’s a link to the best practices wiki:

The game and social network are almost ready.
We will use this blog to publicize ideas for using Web 2.0 techniques to make transport more sustainable as well as to help keep Bus Meister players and users informed about changes to the game and project. I will try to cross-post to GovLoop when it makes sense. In the meantime please bookmark us or sign-up for our feed to stay up to date.

I welcome your comments and ideas!

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