Greetings From YGL-Bethesda!

Hi Everyone! I’m the house blogger and President of the Bethesda Chapter of Young Government Leaders. As part of my duties I am locked in a perpetual battle to post relevant, insightful and occasionally entertaining content to

Apparently my struggle caught the eye of Steve, who has graciously asked me to cross post my musing here at GovLoop. For a while I was rather circumspect about the idea and demurred; I thought GovLoop readers deserved better than to be spammed with the off-the-top-of-my-head drivel I typically post (though apparently I don’t see fit to spare YGL Bethesda members. Hmm.)

Anyway, 3 weeks later I had a sad revelation – the quality of my posts is not likely to improve. That being the case, I’m taking the plunge – As often as I post over at YGLB, I’ll also post to my little kiosk here at GovLoop. Please feel free to comment and interject your insight, wit and thought provoking intellect – I’m a big, big fan of hearing from the other bright lights of the Federal Government. Enjoy!


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Definitely not drivel in my mind. Or it’s at least quality drivel 🙂 Glad to see you posting on GovLooop. Your last post got two more comments than my last two – so obviously people are interesting in what you are saying. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to future posts.