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NextGen: Presentation design resources for the user experience

Thanks again to everyone who attended my session at NextGen, “Presentation design for the user experience”. As promised, I’ve to a list of resources for you to help sharpen your skills as a student of the discipline: The Presentation itself can be found here. Resources Visual and Narrative: “The Lost Art of the Great Speech“:Read… Read more »

CFPB Design + Technology Fellows: Changing the way the Government does Tech

The mission of the CFPB is to make markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans. Technology and innovation are essential to our ability to achieve our consumer protection mission. That’s why we’re launching a first of its kind technology hiring initiative – the Design+Technology Fellows program. The CFPB Design+Technology Fellowship is aRead… Read more »

Leadership Lessons: King Robert Baratheon

This is a new recurrent feature taking an unserious look at leadership lessons from George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series. BE FOREWARNED: THIS ENTIRE SERIES MAY BE ONE GIANT SPOILER. I WILL DRAW UPON WHATEVER QUOTES FROM THE FIRST 5 BOOKS OF THE SERIES I SEE FIT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. As aRead… Read more »

Uncertainty, Innovation and the Education of the Miami Heat

The Leadership Game is a new, recurrent feature about leadership lessons from the world of sports. Uncertainty has been a recurrent theme in the past year. The Federal government has had 3 near miss brushes with shutdown, and state and local governments have resorted to furloughs to meet budget shortfalls. Government is designed to operateRead… Read more »

A Quick Look at Implications of the Debt Deal

Sarah Kliff from the Washington Post links to an important table today: what happens if the Supercommittee can’t come to an agreement i.e. the most likely scenario. The focus of her post is on its potential effect on entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; these items represent the lion’s share of the budgetRead… Read more »

The Power of Good Government: Crime Fighting

Matt Yglesias has a short post highlighting the rapid metamorphosis of the LAPD from a hotbed of corruption and vigilantism into one of the most effective police forces in America. The full article from the New York Times (what happened to the LA Times?) is here. Much of the story is about the leadership ofRead… Read more »

A Primer on the FAA Shutdown

If you aren’t reading Ezra Klein and his padawan Dylan Matthews over at the Washington Post, you are missing the single best source about policy, politics, and governance. Wonkbook is the single best thing that shows up in my RSS Monday through Friday. I don’t have a lot to add to this excellent, “Everything youRead… Read more »

Call for Participants! Tell Us About Your PMF Experience!

Calling all PMFs and former PMFs/PMIs… Join PMFeedback! What is PMFeedback? Young Government Leaders (YGL) wants to hear about your experience in the Presidential Management Fellows Program (formerly the Presidential Management Intern Program). Join PMFeedback to participate in YGL-hosted focus groups and surveys. You will be able to provide feedback on working at your agency,Read… Read more »