State Gov & Social Media

A colleague in Oregon state gov – environmental agency – asked if there are success stories/best practices/lessons learned by state governments using wikis for internal KM, G2G or G2C.

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I don’t have first hand knowledge but it seems like Utah is using wikis based on following Utah’s CTO “dfletcher” on Twitter.

Justin Kerr-Stevens

There’s a fairly good example of what not to do here in the uk. It was an early attempt at central government level to use social media. We’ve come a long way since. Get in touch if you’d like more info.

L P O'Neil

Passing along a summary of message from Google [Plan-It] Earth Enterprise
“Virtual Alabama: Building a Statewide Common Operational Picture”
A Google Earth Webinar
Wednesday, August 27 at 2:00 ET webcast about Virtual Alabama. Hear lessons learned that are transferable to efforts in your state from the team who developed the Virtual Alabama project. The resources required for building a statewide common operational picture in your state. Speakers: Chris Johnson, program manager for Virtual Alabama & Vice President of Geospatial Technologies, U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Bryan Atwood, product manager for Google Earth Enterprise
The Google Earth Enterprise Team