Growing pains for Bay Area Clipper card

In its first 15 months, Clipper card usage has grown to 500,000 transactions per weekday, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (CA), but problems with the Bay Area regional farecard persist. Passenger complaints include unyielding turnstiles, overcharging, and out-of-service scanners. Officials from MTC, Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Francisco Muni, and Caltrain downplay the glitches, telling The Bay Citizen that only a small percentage of riders experience problems. And Cubic, which built and operates the system, says that 99.7% of Clipper transactions go smoothly and its customer center fielded 38,000 calls in August. But unappeased, passengers have turned to Twitter to vent their frustration on an account called ClipperSUCKS. Link to full story in The Bay Citizen.

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