GSA Advantage Sales Numbers for 2012

GSA Advantage sales reached a total of $506 million in 2012. Below you will see some of the important statistics of how GSA Advantage sales were broken down by # orders, # items, and sales. We also provide a breakdown of sales by GSA Schedule.

One of the most noticeable patterns I see is that there is a marked build-up of sales from quarter-to-quarter, with Q4 dominating all others. This is expected, but if you look closer, you will see that the number of orders and number of items are a more modest build-up than the sales numbers. This tells me that GSA Advantage sales in Q4 tend to be for higher dollar items, so buyers are waiting until the end of the year to make more expensive purchases. It is also interesting to see who the top 50 GSA Contractors were in GSA Advantage sales, as well as what GSA Schedule the sales were made in.

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