GSA Sales Outperforms Overall Government Contract Spending in FY 2013

Released sales figures for fiscal year (FY) 2013 as reported to GSA by contractors show that despite a challenging year in the government marketplace, GSA performed better than overall government contract spending by approximately 3%.

In FY 2013, government contractors faced sequestration, budget cuts, and budget uncertainty that resulted in about a 10% reduction in government contracts as compared to FY 2012. In comparison, GSA Schedule Sales decreased by only 7% during the same period with total sales of $34.8 billion.

With the budget uncertainty for FY 2014 now behind us, government agencies are ready to spend again, and with the short supply of procurement dollars, more agencies are turning to GSA to save money, reinforcing GSA Schedules’ place as the preferred contracting vehicle.

GSA Schedule sales are expected to increase as well because of GSA’s marketing efforts to agencies and as they are increasingly being used by state and local governments.

Of special interest is that GSA Schedule vendors consistently outperform government contractors not on GSA Schedules. In FY2013, for instance, GSA Schedule vendors that actively marketed and sold to the government averaged $2.5 million in GSA Sales.

The following is the FY 2013 performance of several GSA Schedules. To see the performance of all GSA Schedules Click Here.

GSA Sales Reported by Schedule

Two GSA schedules that had increased sales in 2013:

Schedule Title

FY 2012 Sales

FY 2013 Sales

% Change

Schedule 520

Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)




Schedule 36

The Office, Imaging and Document Solution




Two GSA schedules that had decreased sales in 2013:

Schedule Title

FY 2012 Sales

FY 2013 Sales

% Change

Schedule 70

General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services




Schedule 874

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)




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