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GSA Sales Outperforms Overall Government Contract Spending in FY 2013

Released sales figures for fiscal year (FY) 2013 as reported to GSA by contractors show that despite a challenging year in the government marketplace, GSA performed better than overall government contract spending by approximately 3%. In FY 2013, government contractors faced sequestration, budget cuts, and budget uncertainty that resulted in about a 10% reduction inRead… Read more »

Keeping Up With The Joneses; Government Spending Gone Public

Want to know what your neighbor, or competitor, is up to with government sales in federal, state, and public markets? There are tools out there that can do this, and they are readily available for you. One of these tools is SmartProcure, the database of government spending from local, state, & federal agencies. With thisRead… Read more »

A Look at the Next Two Weeks…And Beyond

by Steve Charles, Co-founder and Executive Vice President With the Washington Nationals now eliminated for sure from this season’s baseball playoffs, Washington the city and the market can focus fully on handicapping the possibility of a government shutdown next week. Just in case, the White House issued a memo this month on agency operations duringRead… Read more »

Cyber Security Sales Opportunities Take Front Stage

by Stephanie Sullivan, Consultant Agencies recognize that software vendors are the experts in the cyber security field, and they’re virtually begging for stakeholder engagement, so it’s really becoming more and more important to involve yourself in building out requirements, and to meet those voluntary but critical security needs. Dr. Ron Ross, Senior Computer Scientist andRead… Read more »

Developing your Sales Channels in the State and Local Market

by Skip Liesegang, Vice President, Partners, Programs, and Alliances. What’s the best way to reach the state and local government market? Yes, this market is filled with opportunity, but it’s also filled with challenges due to its geographic diversity and unique procurement rules. A few key things to keep in mind while targeting this market:Read… Read more »

Navy Moving Ahead to Overhaul its Shore-based and Afloat Networks

by Lloyd McCoy Jr., Senior Analyst The full deployment RFP for the Navy’s new consolidated network has just been released with the award currently scheduled for this winter. The new network, officially known as CANES, Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services, will collapse the Navy’s five legacy networks into one. The aim is to applyRead… Read more »

Which GSA Schedules are the Most Lucrative?

Yes. Here is another statistical blog post. Sorry, but this is good information and helpful for many federal contractors to see where their GSA Schedule stands up against the others when it comes to federal spending. Below is a standard ranking by GSA Schedule based on the dollar sales volume. Hope you find this helpful.Read… Read more »

The impact of the American Tax Relief Act of 2012 on Government Contracting

Just got off the phone with my partners Dr. Saltzberg and Epipeline for next Tuesday’s webinar. We have a great drill down on the landscape for the 2013 government year as well as the impact of some of the recent tax legislations on your business. Register Now at: