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Am I the only one that finds the miriad of GSA contracts challenging yet very interesting to use? I hope to use this page to discuss and share experiences related to MAA, LSA, Connections, Millenium and Networx Contracts. These are all used by my agency in one way or another and they all have their ‘little issues’. I don’t have time to write about all of the ‘goings-on’ but will try to share a bit here and a story there as I go along. This is the first and only Blog for me so bear with me as I learn how this works.

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William R Wright

So the other day we meet with GSA over video conference to discuss the local dial tone support for the Boston MA office. We found out that the new local service agreement with Verizon Business is being replaced by a new contract with TCS of America – a CLEC. TCS apparently won the re-compete for local service in MA, but also won the local service for the speciific building where we rent space. This is important because we have not obatined telephone services for any of our offices form a CLEC before. Guess we’ll find out what it’s like pretty soon.