GUAM – how much do you know about it?

I’m very curious about how much members of GovLoop know about Guam – WITHOUT searching online!

Recent news has compelled me to write this and post for my fellow GovLoopers to see… please view with an open mind and comment if you like…

Right now, our island is fighting to become recognized by the world. Not only for its warm tropical location, but for its excellent hospitality to visitors – regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or social status. We are just friendly folks striving to be treated as equals.

In the end, though, I really would like to see what you know about Guam.

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Stephen Peteritas

I’ll admit that I don’t know much. I know it was an island, that we own it and that it was important in WW2

Jeff Ribeira

Wow…how someone doesn’t know that Guam is a US Territory is very surprising. My wife’s family actually has pretty close ties to Guam as her mother spent a good deal of her childhood growing up on the island (her father was the assistant attorney general for many years). I unfortunately have still never visited, but my mother-in-law talks about it all of the time, and really wants to take us all back one day. She even wrote a book about it!

Anita Arile

@ Jeff, WOW, a book huh? What would the title be? I would love to read that one day… and yes! it would be an experience for you to visit our “tiny” island! 🙂

@Stephen, at least you heard of it… 🙂

Anita Arile

It’s a little sad that other territories… like DC, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and American Samoa are much more known than Guam… maybe because we’re at the other end of the Pacific Ocean, very close to the Philippine Islands…

Regardless, I feel it is time that all the U.S. school books begin including information on all the Territories… it’s just not right that we’re required to learn about the U.S. History, Geography, etc… but we’re not part of the package.. *sigh*