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If I had the top hat of my organization, my plan of action would be…

For many years, before my public servant days, i was a civilian looking into the government’s operations and hating every darn minute of it! I enjoyed finding flaws in every process level that, when I think about it now, it seems so evil of me. Today, I am a public servant. And I have enjoyedRead… Read more »

Freedom Of Information Act – does the current FOIA Law benefit your office?

Hafa Adai Fellow GovLoopers! It’s been a while since I last blogged (more like vented) here in GovLoop, so here goes nothing! On Guam, a bill – Bill No. B215-30 (LS) – FOIA update.pdf – was introduced by one of our local senators – Senator Ray Tenorio (R) – regarding updates to the local versionRead… Read more »

Cell taps: fact or fiction?

Ever get the feeling someone is closer than you think? or watching you? or worse, listening to your conversations on your cell phone? My cousin sent me this YouTube link and after watching it, I’m left pondering its validity… Any one have any information on this type of technology? or if, in fact, it isRead… Read more »