Gulf Oil Spill and the Presidents Popularity Vote

What is your opinion or factual addition to the descussion buzzing at work about how the hesitation on the crack down with the BP oil spill will inevidably add to the list of faults made by the President?

Do you think it will have an affect on his re-election campaign?

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Profile Photo Stephen Peteritas

No, effect he wasn’t going to take the south to begin with and unless it’s still going in 2012 the state with the big votes will have completely forgotten and will be focused on whatever issue is at hand, which will most likely be something completely polarizing.

Profile Photo Henry Brown

No, one of the major news-casts had an interview with one of the Parish Presidents and he was very positive on the response of the federal government AFTER the president’s visit last friday (may 28). As long as the appearance continues that the President is committed, suspect, as Stephen says, there will be bigger issues on the table at election time.