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CB2: BP Saves Christmas?

When I met a friend to share my good news yesterday, she caught me a little off-guard by saying, “You have to hear how BP saved my Christmas.” That’s right, as in the same BP from the Gulf oil spill. Having asked to remain anonymous, we’ll call her Jane. Jane works at a local upscaleRead… Read more »

CB2: Understanding the BP Relief Wells

It’s day 77 and we as a whole are losing interest in the oil spill. The top two headlines right now are about Bobby Fischer and the heat wave, what caught my attention this morning is, “Oh cool. LiLo is going to jail,” and if you prefer numbers, Google search traffic for “oil spill”Read… Read more »

Commerce Department’s EDA Grants Help Exporters Rebuild, Retool

Stepping up to aid Gulf Coast companies impacted by the BP oil spill, the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) consistently assists export companies in towns nationwide. An announcement by the Department of Commerce on June 18th detailed the release of eight grants for the Gulf region totaling $10.27 million – most forRead… Read more »