Guts and Ingenuity

Candidates for election will do anything, at times, to get noticed. Royal Barber of Sylvania Township in Ohio came up with an idea I would have never thought of. He placed the names of his rivals for the township trustee position on Halloween tombstones in his yard.

Naturally, one of his opponents did not find the humor in it and demanded his name be taken off. There has to be a killjoy for everything. Mr. Barber complied with the request. Another opponent, Penny Levine, “burst out laughing” when she saw the display.

My elections were always in April. Putting my opponents names on Easter eggs wouldn’t have had the same impact.

Good luck Royal. I can’t vote for you but I hope you win!

Government needs more people with guts and ingenuity.

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Allen Sheaprd

Ehh, I find it in bad taste. Would have been better with a funny epitaph of “here lies dave who chased a city ordinace into a cave, When got there, he found the bear. You have to be smart as well as brave. – Vote for Royal ”

The worst thing I saw a politician do is go to a haunted hay ride. They had Vampires, ware wolves, mummies, and this guy who was trying to make a name for himself. When he came down the line I turned and screamed – then apologiezed – “Sorry sir – you look like that politician running for senate. You scared me. Everyone laughed but he glared at me. I still think of it and give him points for composure and grace under fire.