Has your agency adopted Windows 7 yet?

Almost all agency customers I talk to are still on Windows XP with no immediate plans on moving to Windows 7. Although many are piloting the new desktop operating system, full migrations are at least 6 months away for many.

  • Why the delay?
  • What are some of the roadblocks that your agency faces?
  • If you’ve bought a computer in the last 6 – 12 months, chances are that it’s running Windows 7. Is end user training a big concern?
  • Is there a long list of applications that you need to ensure compatability on?
  • Are application and desktop virtualization a part of your migration strategy?

Chime in.

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Henry Brown

my CURRENT agency is probably years away from Windows 7 implementation. In spite of the fact that we are the “test” organization for the next generation of telework called ROWE.

DOD (my last organization affiliation) announced on April 30th that as of 1 Aug all new windows procurement will be Windows 7. DOD has been working fairly closely with NIST to insure that there are minimal hiccups (yea I know such a technical term) both with security configurations and custom applications. although MS has kindly made available as part of the Windows 7 Professional package and XP virtualization package that makes the issue of application compatibility rather small.

Different components of DOD are progressing at various rates on desktop virtualization. IMO and it is only my opinion, those DOD organizations which bought into the thin client concept 5 or 6 are much further along regarding desktop virtualization