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Moving Forward: The Need to Migrate to Windows 7

Windows XP’s days are numbered. Microsoft will be terminating all support for the operating system, as well as support for Microsoft Word 2003, on April 8, 2014. This includes all security updates and fixes, leaving those with Windows XP vulnerable to security threats. Many organizations are now faced with the task of migrating to aRead… Read more »

How are you preparing to transition from Windows XP in 2014?

Last week on Microsoft’s Security Blog, Tim Rains reminded Microsoft XP users that in less than one year, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. Rains walked through some of the important security implications for customers, and what the changes mean for users. As Microsoft products typically cycle through three phases (active product, extended support,Read… Read more »

San Diego County opts for Windows Azure to host and manage their Emergency Management System

Windows Azure recently underwent a complete facelift, making it easier to manage your cloud environment as well as offering a host of new features and functionality, including support for Linux and various open source applications freely available through an easy to use (and install) directory. For smaller government agencies, it makes all the sense inRead… Read more »

Windows Phone State & Local Government Apps Contest Winners Revealed!

Kim Nelson, Microsoft US Public Sector executive director of eGovernment I just celebrated my fifth anniversary at Microsoft. In those five years, my two daughters finished four years of high school and are now both in college. Like most parents of teenagers working at Microsoft, I’ve had to listen my girls bemoan the fact thatRead… Read more »