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EXCLUSIVE – First interview with Twitter, Inc. on their job search for D.C.-based government liaison

“If you are successful, the world will be a better place…”

That quote, from the job posting Twitter made earlier this week seeking their first “government liaison,” is a window in to the aspirations Twitter has for their first D.C.-based employee. While the announcement has generated news headlines globally and set off a flurry of tweets, blog posts, surveys, “hire me” campaigns and other activity, most if not all of the coverage so far has been limited to rehashing the 300 word job listing itself.

GovTwit, however, has scored the first interview with Twitter, Inc., about the role. Vice President of Communications Sean Garrett shares more about why they are conducting this search, who the ideal candidate is and his response to accusations from some that Twitter is “late to the party.”

You can read the full interview, plus links to over a dozen other stories on this new role over at the GovTwit blog: http://bit.ly/bxoYqS

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