Hate Your Job? Do These 10 Things


I assume that if you’ve read this far you hate your job. Before jumping ship do these 10 things.

  • Have the Supervisor Talk: Hopefully you have a good relationship with your supervisor. Talk with your supervisor about your concerns. If the problem is that you’re “light on challenging duties” as your supervisor for more responsibility. If your supervisor hesitates, ask questions. Questions you could ask might include: “What things need to happen to ____?” “Tell me more about ______.” “Who can help me ______?” Always be courteous and tactful when talking with your supervisor.
  • Join a Professional Organization: Professional organizations are great ways to improve your skills. Many of these organizations offer opportunities to enhance your skills in the areas related to your day job. Not sure which organization to join? Read my blog on professional organizations.
  • Find a Mentor: Mentors will often provide you with you different perspective on your situation. Review my blog on mentoring for tips on finding a mentor.
  • Take on Auxiliary Activities: Do you raise your hand to help when your supervisor asks for volunteers for the Combined Federal Campaign or seek out opportunities on your own. This is a great way to increase your skill set. Review my blog for tips to identify activities outside of your official duties.
  • Capitalize on Your Hobbies: What are your hobbies. Is there a way that you can leverage these hobbies to the advantage of your career? I like storytelling, so I regularly attend events sponsored by storytelling organizations. I also teach classes on storytelling. If this is your hobby too, review my blog on 11 Groups That Will Improve Your Storytelling Skills. Even if it’s not your hobby, having good storytelling skills will benefit your career.
  • Become a Pro-Bono Consultant: Do you have a skill you’d like to practice but don’t have an opportunity to use at your current job? Try pro bono consulting. Interested? Review my blog on pro bono consulting.
  • Volunteer: Want to learn how to get your foot in the door? Volunteer. I volunteer at a local museum. This is a good way to learn from the people already there what it’s like to have a job at this organization. They may even offer to help you with your job search or tip you off when there are openings.
  • Read: If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, your networking contacts may recommend books to read. If your contacts are “In the Know” then you should take their advice and read them.
  • Blog: You have new skill. How do you prove it to prospective employers? Blog about it. If you blog enough about your favorite topic you will quickly become an expert, especially if no one else is blogging about this topic.
  • Create a New Organization: Still not finding an outlet for applying your skills? Create a new organization that supports a cause that you are passionate about. This organization could come in the form of a Meetup group or, alternately, a new charity that you will run.

Do you have any other suggestions things to do to improve your situation before deciding to quit your job?

All opinions are my own and not those of my agency or the federal government as a whole. Follow me on twitter: @JayKrasnow

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