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8 Websites That Will Supercharge Your Online Communications

As communications professionals, we have a never-ending thirst for images that support the public affairs products we create. Below I’ve created a list of nine websites that provide royalty free images. Many of these sites allow unrestricted use of their images. In short, you often can use their photos as you please, as long asRead… Read more »

Who Else Wants to Connect with Great Communicators?

At a recent professional networking group event one of the other members asked me if I could tell him about organizations like the Federal Communicators Network (FCN). By way of background, FCN is a listserv that communicators in the federal government use to exchange ideas about the field of communications. The group, which also hostsRead… Read more »

Are You Magnanimous? (That Means Forgiving)

President Abraham Lincoln cobbled together a coalition of moderate Republicans, radical Republicans, former Democrats, former Whigs and representatives of border-states to face America’s greatest challenge since the America slipped from Great Britain’s grasp. More precisely, he led our nation through a bloody civil war that killed more Americans than the total casualties from all theRead… Read more »

Checklist: Join These 10 Groups To Boost Your Career

Involvement in “extracurricular activities” at work is a good way to learn new skills, expand your network and boost your government career. Always make sure your supervisor signs off on your participation in such activities. Below is a list of 10 activities you should consider raising your hand to participate. Agency professional network: Most federalRead… Read more »

7 Words That Demystify Office Politics

In my recent posting on ‘ceiling diplomacy‘ I gave names to elements of office dynamics. Below I‘ve provided a list of additional words that fit the bill. The below terms, definitions and usage will help you communicate your frustrations about office politics more effectively. 1) me-signments (noun) – Assignments you’ve taken upon yourself (i.e., FamilyRead… Read more »

What You Need to Know About ‘Ceiling Diplomacy’

Navigating office politics is hard enough. But finding words to express the frustrations you feel about office politic can be even more challenging. The below terms, definitions and usage will help you communicate these frustrations more effectively. Ceiling diplomacy (noun) – Undertaking the act of pretending you are unaware of something that you are veryRead… Read more »

Do Good, Build Your Career

Pro bono consulting –the delivery of professional services undertaken voluntarily– is a great way to enhance your professional skills while doing public service for your community. According to the Taproot Foundation, one of the larger organizations in this space: “Most organizations tackling social problems don’t have access to the marketing, design, technology, management or strategicRead… Read more »