Health Care and Social Services August Review

Deltek Analyst Stephen Moss reports.

I recently saw a pundit on cable news attempting to answer the question, “Why do bad things always happen in August?” To that question I can offer no insight, but I can attest to the underlying premise. August 2011 proved to be an especially tumultuous month for those of us on the East Coast. Surviving the Great Quake of ’11 and the carnage it wrought to lawn furniture and latté cups was quite enough, but Hurricane Irene and her less-than-expected fury causing greater-than-expected power outages left many of us on the Health Care and Social Services Team looking for the apocalypse. What we found instead was a fairly routine month in our vertical market.

The middle of the month saw another step in the march toward implementing health insurance exchanges with the announcement of $185 million in Level 1 Exchange Establishment Grants awarded to 13 states. Similarly, health insurance exchange procurements continued to progress with awards announced for Indiana’s Exchange Provider and Insurance Carrier Quality Data Consultant and North Dakota’s Health Benefit Exchange Consultant. Also, Massachusetts signaled it will have a future vendor need for Health Insurance Exchange System Integration, while Missouri will require Component Solutions and Services for its health insurance exchange.

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