A Heart Talk Workplace

Jack Canfield, the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series claims that the best way to build a healthy and positive workplace is to help employees master the art of heart talk.

Being mindful of other people’s feelings
Most of us are so caught up in our own world at work that we forget about how we are showing up to other people in the workplace. Being aware of how we are perceived in the workplace can lead to greater empathy, better communication and a deeper respect for our colleagues and customers.

Don’t take things personally
If employees are well connected in the workplace and communicating honestly with each other, they are less likely to misread people’s actions and motives. Maybe someone is having a bad day and they make a statement or do something that is totally out of character for them. Their colleagues will realize this is just an aberration and will not take this uncharacteristic behavior personally.

Say what is really on your mind
How many times have you or your colleagues stayed quiet about a problem in the workplace because you were afraid to criticize management or the workplace culture and climate.

If 100% of the problems at work are known to those at the front-line level and below, then failure to speak up about those problems means critical opportunities are missed to bring these issues to the attention of senior leaders.

An open and honest workplace makes it safe for employees to say exactly what is on their mind instead of saying what they think their managers want them to say.

Collaboration over competition
When collaboration chases out competition it teaches you to care for your colleagues by hoping the very best for them. Employees who collaborate know it is all about the organization rather than about them. An organization first and self-second attitude is not only a win-win for the organization but actually leads to better individual opportunities for everyone.

In the 20th Century, the name of the game in the workplace was do you have the brains, technical ability and competence to do the job. In the 21st Century the question is do you have the touch and the ability to make heart felt connections with your colleagues and customers. What’s in your heart?

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