Hello World – Or, at least, Hello to GovLoop world!

So, I was trying out various items on GOVLoop and found the Blogs. So, what does one write about when they are in a public Blog?

Humm… Maybe I can finally write that Great American Novel. On second thought, I don’t think that would be a good idea.

Now that I see how this Blog works, I think it is time for me to go Blog Stalking. Then I can see what others are writing in their blogs. 🙂 Plus, now that I know how this Blog works, I can go share an idea in a discussion I recently saw. I just had one of those light bulb moments. So, off I go, sharing an idea with a fellow GovLooper! 🙂

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Glad to have you Govloopin…

Blogs are flexible but I find the best ones
-Documenting an experience (someone documented getting an Apple desktop at work/documented a conference experience)
-Sharing ideas on a topic – if you are a designer, share your thoughts on design. program manager, thoughts on PM.
-Or just on a fun topic – a former diplomat shares his stories. a sports guru gives his ideas on sports.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas…

Amanda Blount

Thank you Steve. You are very helpful I am just learning and playing at the moment. I will feel more comfortable with all these new toys soon.