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The next major step in our Web 2.0 initiative will be the launch of our online training project. A number of months ago, as you may remember, I started working with Moodle to present an online training option. Over the summer we have had an extra employee, one that is shared with our elections department, which has given this project a boost. We are going to be rolling out a event scheduling module utilizing Moodle in late August and then we hope to have online computer training available in September. To start with we will roll out Word, Excel, a how to for the Moodle Event Scheduler, and a Train the Developer course. The latter will allow us to train other trainers in the County on how to develop online courses, making this a truely collaborative effort.
To support the development of content for the system we are setting up a development studio in our mini-training/test lab. They will have access to the various applications needed to develop content, for example Nero, Camtasia, and GIMP. We are also providing a microphone, digital camera, and video camera. With the addition of a “Recording in Progress” sign on the door we will have a reasonable setup, with technical support near by, for trainers to develop content.
I met with our Human Resources director this week to discuss how Moodle can be utilized for more than computer training. The goal will be to use Moodle to develop a new hire training series. Covered in this will be trainings on MS Office and Human Resource and legal issues such as benefits, retirement, sexual harrasment, and e-disovery. This will not only allow us to really improve the acclamation period for new hires, but will also orient them to the online training options available to them. A win, win.

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Eduardo Garcia

I’m very interested in hearing more about this project! I’m so glad that others in government are looking at Moodle as a training option. I’m not an IT person, but along with a little help of an IT guy here, we’ve managed to get a very basic instance of Moodle working and LDAP integrated. Now we just have to figure out how the groups will work…This is what has stumped me! I would love to see what you have done with the Excel and Word training…we’re looking at the same topics right now!