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Help! I have no time to instill User Adoption.

This article was previously published on Tri Tuns blog.


User Adoption (UA) is critical to achieving your Return on Investment (ROI). What if you simply do not have the resources and time to establish all of the necessary components for a successful UA program?

Enlisting the services of a UA consultant can help mitigate your limited resources while leaning on the consultant’s user adoption experience.


The first set of actions a UA consultant can help you with is to analyze your organization’s readiness to adopt the chosen IT system. The UA consultant will conduct interviews as well as analyze current processes and documentation to determine the most suitable strategies.

The next set of actions is for a UA consultant to provide User Adoption strategies that will uniquely address the needs of your organization. These strategies include engagement activities, learning programs, process mapping, and user support mechanisms.

Finally, the consultant can save you time by providing useful analytics reporting around end-user behavior. This kind of reporting provides valuable feedback as to how well your UA effort is proceeding.


What may be capitalizing your time and attention is how to develop and enact an effective UA plan given your limited resources. Having a dedicated UA consultant will free up your valuable resources & time while leveraging the consulting expertise you need to jump start your UA efforts.


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