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Outline Section 3: SharePoint as an ITIL implementation tool

Why are ITIL and SharePoint Important together?

ITIL best practices provide a coordinated approach towards managing I.T.

ITIL’s goal is the management of service lifecycle from creation to retirement of services. The objective is the rallying point for all the concepts and best practices captured in the ITIL model. The model provides a list of processes when used promise to coordinate operations from a service orientation.

What ITIL lacks are a model of how to implement the change, the actual process definitions, and the technology to enable operations. To be fair, like CMMI, Six Sigma, and other technology management strategies implementation and enablement are beyond the scope they were designed for.

Whether semi-automated or computer automated on platforms such as SharePoint ITIL improves I.T. performance

  • SharePoint provides a technology enablement platform
  • The flexibility of SharePoint to create semi-automated (computer assisted) or computer automated processes means one can start simple and grow in complexity as needed
  • SharePoint provides a means to integrate multiple applications
  • SharePoint PerformancePoint as dashboard to report Service Performance from System Center and other applications
  • SharePoint was workflow to support data entry into other applications

ITIL along with methodologies such as Hoshin Planning and technologies such as SharePoint Improve alignment with business through display of relationships between business goals and technology capabilities.

  • While ITIL is a series of best practices, it lacks a means to manage deployment throughout the organization
  • Hoshin Planning is a technique to coordinate strategy with execution
  • Hoshin provides linkage between various levels of strategy translation to final activities used to deploy

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