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HelpMeConsult: Independent Guide to Formal E-Consultation

Also announced today was HelpMeConsult, another online resource for online consultations.

From the blog post:

The second lanch is a solo project. It’s called ‘HelpMeConsult‘ and is an independent guide to (formal) eConsultation. It contains details of the various solutions, legal matters and tips/tactics. So, just another data push? Wrong! We’re adding a premium content (subscription model) section which will have a number of interactive tools – watch this space.

From their about page:

This website draws together a range of information about formal online (i.e. web orientated) consultation, the kind of thing that public engagement professionals get excited about. There’s a whole section dedicated to definitions of this but what you need to know is that this website is here to help you select a tool, run better digital dialogues and ultimately drive up participation rates. This website dips its toes into tools for consumer or customer directed market research too as there’s a healthy crossover with digital ways of collecting feedback or satisfaction.

If you made it here then you’re probably duty bound to consult with people – be it stakeholders, citizens or customers. The need to consult is an emerging demand on all types of industry so doing it online seems like a sensible way to take the pain out of the process. That said, it shouldn’t be seen as a burden. The process of consultation should be viewed in terms of achieving service improvement and better decision making.

The site lists key success factors for online consultations and offers free access to various basic checklists, while hinting at more advanced resources that will require a paid subscription.

ParticiTech, the company behind this new site, has been working with The Consultation Institute to provide independent software evaluation for public engagement software.

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