Here Are My Ideas for NYC BigApps

I wrote earlier that tomorrow is the last day to submit ideas to the NYC BigApps Ideas contest. And I suggested that anyone reading should click over and submit an idea or two. Why not, takes all of 30 seconds?

So I decided I should follow my own advice and submit a few ideas myself, which I just did. I submitted a “high concept” idea and “low concept” idea, both of which I came up with in the elevator a few moments ago.

Here they are.

NYC Toilet Finder:

I want an NYC app that tells me where accessible bathrooms are around me, how long the lines are, and whether the staff glares at you if you don’t buy something.

A Personal Commute Improver:

I want an NYC app that learns my travel patterns around the city, compares that to aggregate behavior, and suggests simple ways for me to change to save time and avoid crowds.

That was easy, fun, and it gave my brain bit of a stretch in a good way.

Of course if I had a REAL idea for an app for NYC (and I do), I would build it and launch it myself instead of submitting it to an ideas contest, but this is fun and useful too.

What are YOUR elevator ideas for apps for NYC? @agpublic? @dens? @nickgrossman? @benberkowitz? @anthonymobile? @noneck?

C’mon now! Let’s have em!

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