Hi! I’m Nichole Henley and I’m a WORK-A-HOLIC!!!!

It’s been…..MANY days since my last blog post. And I feel that I needed to notify the GovLoop community that hey! I’m still alive! I’m still here! Just haven’t been as active on GovLoop as I have wanted to be. 🙁

But I still make an appearance by reading other’s posts and making comments. I just haven’t had the time to make my own.

I’ve been involved in many CIVHR issues recently…one of which is hiring a staffing specialist in my office! YAY! HELP! And so I’ve been conducting my first set of interviews….ever! Which I have to say is going quite well. EXCELLENT candidates. Too bad I can’t hire them all 🙁

Well ladies and gentlemen, my heart is still beating, I’m breathing, I’ve got my cup of Joe on IV drip practically, so I am alive and here. Can’t wait to post another HR centric blog and begin pushing buttons and sparking good conversations!!!

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Sonny Hashmi

Good to know and I can completely empathize. I almost feel guilty for not keeping up on the many many social networking “responsibilities” aka I need to update my blog or people will lose interest. I need to tweet new and interesting things for the benefit of my followers. I need to post something soon or my EAV stock will go way down and I will let my investors down. As if real life isnt complex enough.

I am still waiting for the day when having a good work life balance is considered “cool” rather than everyone outdoing each other on who can work the most.

Christina Morrison

Nicole, I was wondering what had happened to you. I hadnt seen much of you since NGG. Good to see your are still alive. Dont let work kill you.

Nichole Henley

Thanks, Christina! Yes! I’m here! I’m soooo read for another NGG 🙂

Sonny- I’ve wanted to start a dedicated weekly blog but after these past few weeks, I’ll settle for whatever time I get on the social networking sites I’m on! And I’m still pushing with folks here that you shouldn’t hate on people who are able to leave after 8 hours or take vacation. Either a) they’ve reached a balance that they are comfortable with; or b) a supervisor isn’t doing their job 😉