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It’s the STIGMA that hurts!

I have thoughts regarding the proposed pay freeze- yes another post about this subject! First and foremost there’s this constant overhanging battle that an employee of the government has: trying to prove oneself that they are WORTH every dime they are paid and are putting all their effort into the good of the country. SecondlyRead… Read more »

When Co-workers Hand You Lemons….

Is it really THAT easy to make lemonade? It’s a rainy Saturday here in Alexandria, VA. There are three very professional men from Well Home working in my house right now to make it more green and energy efficient. Well Home has been wonderful. I don’t want to digress however I do want to giveRead… Read more »

Generation *U*

So you haven’t heard of generation “U” yet either? Why, according to FedSmith generation “U” is the UNRETIRED GENERATION. Full article AND COMMENTS may be found here: So this article attempts to address the reasons or at least speculate why so many baby boomers haven’t retired. The comments are unbelievable! Some folks feel theyRead… Read more »

Paid Maternity Leave

Take a look at an interesting article published by GovExec : What’s more interesting is the comments posted. Are we THAT heartless of a society that we don’t want to take care of our mothers in the workplace? As a mother, I am greatly offended by the lack of support for policy proposals thatRead… Read more »

Pay Retention under NSPS

So I probably shouldn’t be posting this as I’m in HR but hey, I think that’s what being a leader is all about. Acknowledging when things are wrong. If you’re under NSPS or have been following all the articles and issues on the Hill, you’ll know that NSPS is done as of FY11 and manyRead… Read more »

Blowing Off Some Steam

Need to blow off some steam. This extreme people person is now in an office that is completely empty. My one and only employee is out and has been out of the office for two days this week, my military counterparts are out, and it’s me-alone. Or am I really alone? I have a pileRead… Read more »