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HIPAA == Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The Patient’s Guide to HIPAA is the first comprehensive guide to medical privacy written expressly for patients with a practical eye as to how to use the law to protect privacy. It is a major privacy resource for patients, written directly and without legalese. The Patient’s Guide to HIPAA is easy to navigate and digest; the guide is in the form of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers. All of the key points in HIPAA are included, from the 7 basic patient rights to how and when to get copies of health care records. Difficult situations that patients often encounter are included in the guide. The Patient’s Guide to HIPAA was written by Robert Gellman, with assistance from Pam Dixon, John Fanning, and Dr. Lewis Lorton.

The guide is constructed in an easily digestible, extremely consumer-friendly design. The Guide has four parts, including an introduction to medical privacy and a section on the seven basic patient rights in HIPAA. The complexities of HIPAA were tamed into 65 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, all of which are readily available from a simple drop-down menu.

Health policy and privacy expert Robert Gellman wrote the Guide with assistance from Pam Dixon, World Privacy Forum executive director; John Fanning, former privacy advocate U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and Dr. Lewis Lorton, health technology and privacy expert. This is the first comprehensive guide to HIPAA that was written expressly for patients.

A Patient’s Guide to HIPAA is available at:

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