Hiring or job hunting, do not forget these resources

There are so many great resources on the web, on social networks, in
person in life. Since today is Wednesday that means it is
#workwednesday on Twitter. If you are not sure what this means, feel
free to check out my video about this weekly job
sharing fest.

I wanted to quickly note, before I list the other resources I am making available, that this cartoon was found at http://www.apnijobs.com/, another
site focused on sharing jobs.

Some of my personal resources:

  • My LinkedIn group is pulling in the #workwednesday RSS feed from Twitter. Anything that you have missed
    can be reviewed there.
  • If you do not have someplace to post your resumé, job tips, or job listing you can share it here. As long as it is not offensive, go for
    it. :-)
  • My Facebook group can be used to share video resumes if this is a preference of yours. Please remember,
    however, that video resumes, while powerful, should always be kept short
    and to the point. If you fail to do this no one, and I mean no one,
    will take the time to watch the video.

My highlighted job of the week is the Government Liaison role that Twitter is looking to fill. If you want to impact how the government, and I
believe the private sector as well, uses social media, check this
position out.

What hidden resources have I missed? Share them here, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Our goal is to help people find those
hidden jobs, the ones they have looked for, the ones they will be
passionate about, the ones in which they will excel. Of course, failing
that lets, at the very least, do all that we can to help people find A


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