Blowing Off Some Steam

Need to blow off some steam.
This extreme people person is now in an office that is completely empty.
My one and only employee is out and has been out of the office for two days this week, my military counterparts are out, and it’s me-alone.
Or am I really alone? I have a pile of staffing actions piling up, a running issue of HOT items that I’m trying to sort through, an endlessly ringing phone and overflowing email inbox of status queries, and did I mention it’s just me?
I’d like to think I can handle everything but I have come to realize that my energy and drive depletes SO QUICKLY when the systems that federal HR uses to get work done, doesn’t work.
After about a few weeks of requesting access to the unreliable systems so that I may complete my work, I have finally received access. But to my surprise, I STILL CAN’T GET MY WORK DONE! THE SYSTEMS ARE NOT COOPERATING! If it’s not one thing it’s another.
So here I am, at my desk with the work piling up, no staff to assist, unreliable systems, and my cooped up frustration. With all of the great ideas I have to organize this office and keep HR running for my customers, it really comes down to execution. But if I don’t have the tools I need to get the job done, can you really expect me to?
It’s getting very hard to muster up the energy to keep charging SOMEWHERE. But I think at some point, aren’t we all allowed some down time? We can’t all be leaders all the time. But I guess our truest tests of character come in times such as these. Anybody else have similar experiences?

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